S4 - Cartman's Silly Hate Crime

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Season 4 - Episode 401 - Cartman's Silly Hate Crime
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video About this South Park episode:
The boys are have just won a sledding race. Token says that the only reason they won is because of Eric's fat ass.Girls challenge the boys to a sledding race. Token says that the boys can't lose thanks to Eric's fat ass. Eric then tosses a rock into the side of Token's head. This puts Eric behind bars for doing a hate crime.


Anonymous said...

11:30 thats Pig Latin ( Take a word 'Cat' put the first letter at the end 'Atc' then add 'ay' to the end 'Atcay

Anonymous said...

ROLF at the end did Cartman crap out disney land :O

Anonymous said...

"Oh, my God, we killed Kenny."
"We killed Kenny?"
"Yeah, we killed Kenny, we're

LazyData said...

Ye he did crap out Disney land . his ars must be massive

Anonymous said...

Black people are more racist than white people. But nobody says that because they are afraid the black person would get them in trouble by saying they are being racist.

Cartman178 said...


Cartman: do british people count as a hate crime

The Lads: naaaaaaaaaaaa

Cartman: Sweeeet

fuck you said...

k, i'm glad that this site actually has a working video on it. but is there any other video format, that isn't from fucking youtube?

Anonymous said...

There are 2 clydes at 19:32 LOL! 1 in the back ground and one in the front.

kenny rox said...

two reds too

Anonymous said...

I love the Les Mis refrence

Anonymous said...

My favourite ep!

Anonymous said...

Where kids get arrested

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